We highly recommend and use four product lines. All four of these Product Lines are formulated for non-cuticle hair.

  • Concise Product Line
  • Jorgen Product Line
  • LaGem Product Line
  • Jon Renau Product Line

About Hair Care Products

I am going to give you a lot of information about the products that should be used on hair systems, and why you should use them. I hope you take the time to read this because it is important.

Swelling is one of the most damaging conditions of the hair. It loses flexibility, natural bounce, elasticity, and strength and is much easier to break.

On our normal hair there is a microscopic layer of natural oil. It keeps the hair’s moisture at the usual levels. When the hair is processed for use in all hair systems, the oily layer is stripped from the hair and it loses the natural protection. Swelling occurs on a regular basis and is one of the main reasons the hair is so vulnerable to breakage. When moisture decreases the hair becomes very straw-like and dull looking.

Moisture is one of the most important factors in determining the physical strength and elasticity. When hair is fully wet, the elasticity may increase in 25%, but the strength will increase up to 300%.

Growing hair has a negative charge. All manufacturers design their shampoos to have a negative charge, as we do not want the shampoo to adhere or absorb into the hair. Manufactures design conditioners to have a positive charge, as we want the conditioner to adhere and absorb into the hair without leaving deposits.

Conditioners must reduce the friction between two strands of hair. For treating non-cuticle hair, they must isolate one strand of hair without leaving deposits.

Conditioners do not directly increase strength or elasticity. It is a common fib that we all take at face value. Temporarily, conditioners will deposit moisture and moisture will temporarily increase strength.

Regular shampoo must clean the surface of the cuticles, a tough protective layer consisting of 75%-80% protein.

Regular shampoos on non-cuticle hair act similar to peroxide on an open wound. The detergents burn and dry out the hair from the inside.

Shampoos for non-cuticle hair must clean the exposed layer usually found underneath the cuticles that are not stripped. The under layer is very delicate, which is why regular shampoos fail by cleaning too harshly.

The surfaces of cuticle and non-cuticle hair do not resemble each other and the difference between the two can be measured, and must be measured in order to even begin discussing improving the issue of non-cuticle hair.

One cannot treat both surfaces with the same materials. We do not clean our desks (a smooth surface that resembles the non-cuticles hair surface) with the same cleaner used on our carpets (a scaled uneven surface that resembles the cuticle hair’s surface).

Usually, non-cuticle hair appears shinier than regular hair and leads us to believe that it is healthier. The reason is that the smooth and even surface reflects light at a higher concentration and therefore is brighter. Cuticle hair with its scaled uneven surface scatters the light in wider angles of reflection, appearing duller. If you have ever wondered why when your picture is taken, your hair system sometimes seems a little different from your growing hair, this is the reason.

It only makes sense that if you go to the trouble and expense of having a quality hair system made for yourself, that you should take the time and effort to keep it looking its best, and in return you will have a much better appearance, and your hair system will last you longer

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