Charles –
My biggest worry when I thought about hair replacement was that everyone would know.

I had seen so many bad ones, I was sure I’d be making a big mistake….and wasting a lot of money to boot. But then I realized that the good ones, if there were any, might just be invisible. My way of dealing with my hair loss had been to avoid mirrors and reflections in storefront windows. But the day my 4 year old son climbed on my shoulders and said, “Hey Dad, you’ve only got a few hairs up here,” I decided to do something about it.

Shortly after getting my hair replacement, I had an experience that put my fears of detection to rest forever. While having a scar removed by a plastic surgeon, I asked him how much he charged for hair transplants. He looked at my hair and said, “Why do you ask? Guys like you are lucky, you’ll never lose your hair!” Dennis’ replacements are so light-weight and natural looking they even blow in the breeze and settle back in place like the real thing, that I should not have been surprised by the surgeon’s answer.

The system I chose was the non-surgical skin graft. It’s perfect for me because I’m very active, working up a sweat at the gym 5 days a week and camping and kayaking almost every weekend. It’s great to be able to wake up in a tent, or get soaked to the skin rolling over in my kayak, then just run a comb or brush through my hair, shake my head and be ready to go. And as for Dennis Pecorella, the word that comes to mind when I think about him is generosity. Dennis goes out of his way to be helpful and to make it easy for his clients to make a decision about what, if any, type of hair replacement is best for them.

Dr T –
This is my testimonial letter. Hope it helps women be more aware that you have a service that would help their lives. My hair has been thinning for many years. I have tried every hair thickening shampoo, dietary supplement, hormone replacement therapy, and grandma’s special guaranteed to work serum. Unfortunately it continued to thin. I combed up and over and every way it would go to camouflage what I felt to be an overwhelming problem

I came across an ad for the Hair Replacement Studio. I was hesitant to make the call. I finally phoned and spoke to Dennis, who is the owner, he was understanding and informative.

I am a Psychologist and inclined to do my research. He was willing to give me the name of one of his clients whom I later phoned. Ultimately I went to the studio to observe the procedure. I was very impressed and asked for a trial. Dennis and his staff were very accommodating. I returned a few weeks later, tried the procedure. I was amazed at the results. It is natural looking and easy to care for. I will never try anything else. If grandma only knew!

You see, I am female. I thought this was the answer for men only. I get compliments daily from family, friends and clients. My social life and sense of self-esteem have improved more than I had anticipated. Dennis and his entire staff continue to be understanding and available. They are able to provide everything you need. I only wish I would have called sooner. My continued thanks!

Betty Plooy –
The laser treatment package that I purchased in July has paid off. My hair feels thicker and fuller. This session also made my eyelashes grow longer and thicker. My balding temples have filled in with hair. I couldn’t be happier!





Bob S. –
I am a forty-five year old male, and I have been wearing a hair system since 1992. I traveled anywhere from thirty to forty miles for a service, and was really not happy with the studios I had been going to. They did not seem to know what I really wanted or needed to change my image. It seemed that I was just a number in an assembly line process.

In 1996 I learned of Hair Replacement Studios in Vacaville, I went in for a consultation and I knew that I had made the right choice. Dennis, the owner knew exactly what I needed. He was very knowledgeable in the field, as was his staff. He treated me like an individual person. Dennis showed me what he had to offer and I was very impressed with the quality of his systems, and the service he provided.

Another reason I am so pleased with H.R.S. is that it is a full service studio, meaning I can not only get quality hair systems but I can also purchase the right products for keeping my system looking great, and if I need any repairs, they do them on site. Other studios I have used in the past have always had to send the system out for repairs.

Brandon –
My name’s Brandon. Like millions of men around the world I began losing my hair. Until just a few years ago I had always believed that I wouldn’t experience hair loss until I reached the later stages of my life. Today I am a 22 year old college student. I began noticing hair loss at the age of 17.

Before I found Hair Replacement Studios I was too embarrassed to attend family functions, spend time with friends, and I was even too embarrassed to attend class. My relationships, personal life, and confidence was swirling down the drain all because of my thinning hair.

No more! With the help of Dennis and his amazing staff, today, I have more confidence than I ever have, more friends than I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t be more excited to walk into class with my head held high.

Thank you Dennis and everyone at HRS.



Diane –
My husband Jeff had talked about going to see Dennis to take care of his balding hair. I really didn’t think he looked bad at the time he was talking about getting a hair replacement.

He never told me he was going to get it done and one day he came home with a GREAT new look. It made him look so much younger, and it looked so natural. It’s so easy for him to take care of too.

It’s been 5 years now with Dennis and we couldn’t be happier with the way he has kept Jeff looking so good.


Jack Butler –
I have been a client of Hair Replacement Studios for about one year now. When I first started considering addressing my hair loss problem I checked with several well-known companies. My experiences with them were less then favorable because of high-pressure sales tactics to very expensive systems.

At first I was reluctant to go to HRS because of it being a small independent studio. I did not think he would have the latest innovations available. What I found there was a very professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable person that had all the latest systems available. In fact Dennis had more to offer since he was not a franchise for the other well known companies. He is able to offer products from many different manufacturers not just one type made by a specific company. Dennis explained every part of the hair replacement technology and had on hand numerous examples of the types of systems available. After the initial consultation I was given videotape to preview to help answer other questions I had.

Because I’m a very active individual and due to excessive sweating, we initially had a bonding problem. Dennis was very helpful and patient with this trying new procedures and bonding techniques until a suitable one for me was discovered. He made himself available anytime I might have needed him even staying well beyond when the studio would have normally closed to make sure I had the very best available.

Since I have started wearing one of “Dennis” system my self-esteem has improved dramatically. In my line of work I am constantly meeting people and I feel a lot better in my appearance and how others view me. It has helped make me a more outgoing person and made me more relaxed in social environments.

I feel very fortunate I found this studio. The entire staff is very friendly and courteous, and since Dennis is the owner, not an employee, his dedication is well beyond what I would have found anywhere else.

Tedd Peterson –
I started wearing a hairpiece some 30 years ago when I was in my early 30s. It’s been quite an adventure! Some systems were terrible, others were only so-so. All were too obvious. Two years ago, I saw an advertisement for the Hair Replacement Studios. I reluctantly called Dennis Pecorella, the owner, for a consultation, thinking it was going to be the same old system and the same old sales pitch.

Dennis was great! He spent considerable time consulting me in a friendly, easy-going manner. He showed me what the Hair Replacement Studios had to offer and how it could meet my own personal needs. No big sales pitch. No pushing for a quick decision. I could take my own sweet time in making up my mind.

I was very impressed with the system Dennis suggested, so I placed an order. I had made the right decision! What a difference there was in the new system. It was very light-weight, very natural looking (real hair!), and very easy to shampoo and style. In fact, since my contract stated that I would receive two additional replacement systems during the year-long contract, I could change the styling to fit the season: longer in winter, shorter in summer if I so desired. And, I could participate in any physical activity without fear. I am now into my second year at the Hair Replacement Studios.

Dennis’ staff couldn’t be better. I go in once a month for scalp, hair conditioning, and styling. His studio assistant, Linda, is a gem to work with. She knows how to take good care of your system, and offers her services with a smile. And then there’s Dennis’ wife, Sue, who works the reception desk . . . always congenial, forever ready to meet your scheduling needs, and regularly follows through with a phone call to remind you of your next appointment. All three show a genuine interest in you as a person.

I couldn’t have made a better choice!

Victoria Sarka –
I want to thank you for the fine prosthesis,which I have enjoyed wearing. It was a nice full head of hair which I will never have again!

My treatments ended Christmas week, and that last one really wore me down. I spent the spring getting my strength back, and am back to feeling like myself again.

We have taken several trips East to see the children, and doing all the things we enjoy.

I want to thank you again for being so thoughtful and compassionate during a difficult time in my life.







* Photographs are representative and are not actual photos of our clients. We respect the privacy of our clients.